Houdini, Grooming and Creature FX

Our VFX Programme Leader Jonathan McFall reports

The spring term has started and this means…the Advanced Specialisms are due soon for our 3rd year VFX students at Escape.  The Advanced Specialism module gives the students a chance to create a self-directed project that also fits in line with specifications of a job they would like to apply for. So, it’s self-directed, but with purpose.

Picture: Tibbers bear- Grooming in Houdini by Cian Ataie, 3rd year VFX student.

There seems to be a trend in the market for openings in Creature FX jobs. I’m sure everyone’s realised that films are flying out of the cinema with as much fur balls and fluff as humanly/CGI as possible. As a result, several students have tried to focus on core Creature VFX skills for a project, including techniques and pipelines used in VFX e.g. modelling, sculpting, fur, hair, feathers, muscles, rigging, skin shaders and subsurface scattering. And the rest is history…. fluffy.

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