Selling Oneself

In a rush to create a Showreel and the best CV one can, printed stationery is often overlooked.

Throughout my career in Post-production and especially VFX Compositing I have always made a great effort to brand and sell myself and thus produced a number of business and promotional cards, some even A3 size, that reflected my skills at the time but also my creative state at the time.

Artists nowadays rely too heavily on social media and underestimate the power of paper and being able to send or hand over a card to someone at a Recruitment Fair or even in the Pub. Image is often more memorable than words and if it is strong enough people may keep it at their desks and never forget you.

Below is a small selection of my cards produced throughout my 33 years in VFX.

1990’s Promotional Card
Early 2000’s Business Card
2005 Promotional Crd
This was the ultimate branding in 2005 where everything matched. The Promo Card, the Business Card, the DVD and the Website.
2010 Promotional Card
2018 Business Card

I now teach VFX Compositing at Escape Studios in London and advise my students to start thinking of creating a card for themselves so they can hand it out to recruiters at VFX Festivals and Events. Below is an example of a Business Card by one of my ex students that showed his Roto and Cleanup skills on one side of the card and his name, role (Roto/Prep Artist – Junior Compositor) and contact details on the other side.

I find that defining one’s role on the Business Card has a great effect on Students whose thinking shifts from who they want to be to who they are.

Escape VFX Compositing Student Giulio Spatola Business Card

I use for all the stationary as one can either use their templates or upload one’s designs.

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