“LOCKDOWN” VFX short film competition by Escape Technology

Wondering what to do during the COVID-19 lockdown? Make a short VFX film about it and win glorious merch!

The VFX hardware and software reselling company Escape Technology is organising a VFX short competition. This is the basic challenge they’re setting you:

Create a one to three minute short film on the themes of LOCKDOWN or ISOLATION. Your film should include at least one element of visual effects. Be as free with the themes as you like – aliens outside the window, comedy trapped in a house, going crazy all alone, staying in touch with friends – anything goes. Just obey the government guidelines and advice from PHE (or your country’s equivalent) whatever you do.”

Check out the judges, rules and prizes (some pretty nice prizes there) on their website: https://www.escape-technology.com/lockdown

Why enter competitions?

In addition to cool prizes, competitions are a great way to motivate yourself to actually get something done before a deadline and to be creative within the constraints. When I was in high-school and was interested in making movies, I saw an amateur film festival, which needed a short movie submission to attend it. When I won the First Prize (not the Grand Prize though, so my brother said that I achieved getting the First Princess title and not the Miss Universe one…), I was delighted that the video-camera they rewarded me with was better and more expensive than the one I had used to shoot the original movie. Profit!!! And what I still consider as the biggest push to actually pursue a career in the field.

Will I post my first award-winning amateur movie here? Well, no… no… no… We would have to be like a really-really good friends for me to show you that expression of teenage angst! So.. Not happening!

You guys, however, should have a go at the challenge above and hopefully create something really cool! Free to enter! Cool prizes!

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