Unreal Engine Tutorials at Our Vimeo Channel

We’ve uploaded a new series of tutorials at our Vimeo Channel on how to use the Unreal Engine rendering pipeline.

Realtime rendering is a growing part of the animation production pipeline. Whether our students are studying VFX, animation, or games, Unreal Engine offers big savings in render times.

A number of our recent films have been rendered in Unreal Engine. The short films Planet Mars, Minuet and Adam & Eve Mk II were all rendered in Unreal Engine and enjoyed festival success, including winning many awards.

Real Time Rendering with Unreal Engine
Real time rendering does what it says on the tin – shots are rendered in real time, allowing our students to focus their energies on animation and character performance, without worrying about whether they will manage to make the production deadline.

This means no more late nights crossing your fingers and hoping that the Arnold render will come through; Unreal Engine offers a much faster solution.

Unreal Engine Tutorials

Michael Davies

These tutorials explore how Unreal Engine works, including how to build assets and textures for a Realtime pipeline, as well how to import and edit animation to get the best results.

Michael Davies

The tutorials were recorded by  animation tutor and UG Program Leader Michael Davies.

Michael has worked on many VFX blockbusters such as Batman vs Superman, Doctor Strange and Thor Ragnarok.

Unreal Engine Accreditation

Rendered in Unreal Engine

Michael is an Accredited Trainer for Unreal Engine, as a well as a Certified Instructor with Maya at Autodesk.

Unreal Engine Tutorials
You can find the Unreal Engine tutorials at our Vimeo Channel here. As with all our Vimeo Channel Tutorials, they are password-protected. If you’re a current student or Escapee, just ask us for the password.

Festival winners
To see some of short films made at Escape Studios and rendered in Unreal Engine, follow the links below:

The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. 

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