FX Animation Tutorials in Maya at Our Vimeo Channel

Escape Studios Vimeo Tutorial Channel supports our students with online resources for their studies, including Technical Animation such as nCloth, Muscle Systems, Dynamics, Simulations and Hair.

Our Vimeo Tutorial Channel is our central hub for our animation and VFX video tutorials, making it easy for our students to find tutorials to support their classroom studies.

Tutorials include how to use nCloth in Maya, as well as the use of muscle systems in Ziva Dynamic, and two tutorials in After Effects.

FX – Maya

Basic nCloth – flag waving

Basics of nCloth – how to animate a flag waving with Alex Williams
Also see this blog post on animating a flag waving in Maya


Technical Animation: nCloth, Muscle Systems & FX
Technical Animation & Dynamics
Dynamics, Particles, nCloth and Hair

How to animate grass waving in Maya

Animate grass waving with Alex Williams, using the Paint Effects tool.
Also see this blog post on animating grass waving in Maya.

Active and Passive Rigid Bodies

Active and Passive Rigid Bodies Tutorial – Learn to animate Dice falling with gravity using Maya with Alexander Williams.

Collapsing Rope Bridge in Maya 2013 with Mark Spevick

Learn how to animate an “Indiana Jones” Style collapsing rope bridge in Maya 2013 using nHair, with Mark Spevick.

Animate a Flamethrower in Maya

Learn to animate a flamethrower effect in Maya, as seen in the film “Suicide Squad“, using Maya’s liquid FX tools.

Ziva Dynamics

Ziva Dynamics – Muscle Systems

Ziva Dynamics (muscle simulation plugin used by Framestore, MPC and DNEG) with Michael Davies.
For more on the Ziva Dynamics tutorial, see this blog post.


Adobe After Effects

FX – Adobe After Effects

Animating Gun Flare and Smoke in After Effects – with Marc Stevenson

This 20 minute tutorial by Marc Stevenson explains how to add gun flare and smoke using After Effects.
Also see this blog post on animating gun flare and smoke in After Effects.

Animate “Laser Eyes” in After Effects

Learn to animate “laser eyes” in After Effects.

Vimeo Channel
To see more animation & VFX tutorials, follow the link to our Vimeo Tutorial Channel. To find our Tutorials in Houdini, follow this link.
VFX Team at Escape Studios
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects.

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