“Draw” Wins Best VFX at 1st Monthly Film Festival

Congratulations to the makers of the short film “Draw”, which has won Best VFX at the 1st Monthly Film Festival.

This is the latest award for Drawa short animated film directed by Martin Kamminga and produced by Conway Dobbs, in which two kings must do battle for mastery of the chessboard. 

“Draw” has already won many festival awards.  Jake Newton was the 3D VFX Lead, and Christopher Fernandes was the 2D VFX Lead.  Maciej Osuch was Head of Animation.

Module PR6001

“Draw” was completed as part of the third year animation Module PR6001, a Studio VFX Project worth 60 Credits, in which animators and visual effects artists collaborate to produce a short film.

A scene from “Draw”

About “Draw”

Draw isa short film about a game of chess, in which two kings do battle for mastery of the chessboard.

Studio Project

Working with a team of ten students from both the VFX and animation departments, this collaborative short was filmed on location in London, with animation and VFX all completed at Escape Studios.  The live action plates were scanned and tracked, and were completed with digital animation in Maya, composited and rendered in Arnold.

Martin Kamminga

Director & Producer
Director Martin Kamminga is an Escapee who studied the Art of Visual Effects at Escape Studios.  Draw was his first film. Draw was produced by Conway Dobbs, studying the Art of Computer Animation, and the lead animator was Maciej Osuch – who in 2019 directed the award-winning short Golden Acorn.  The 3D VFX Lead was Jake Newton and the 2D VFX Lead was Christopher Fernandes.

“Draw” Credits

Project supervisors
The VFX project “Draw” was overseen by our 3rd year tutors:

Festival Awards for “Draw”

Best Director at the Hell Chess Festival 2020

“Draw” has won many festival awards:

Draw at IMDBYou can find Draw at the IMDB here

The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects.

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