New Books for the VFX and Animation Library

We’ve acquired some new books for the Escape Studios VFX and Animation library, where we keep traditional hard copies (ie actual physical books) on the Third Floor at 190 High Holborn, WC1. 

The new books are “Pixar Storytelling” and “Pixar and the Aesthetic Imagination”, new titles which will help our 2nd year and 3rd year students as they start their group film projects. 
The VFX & Animation Library is located outside Toontown and Winterfell, and is free for all our currently enrolled students.

Escape Studios Animation Library
Check out the books in the orange book

The Escape Studios VFX & Animation Library (a traditional library, with actual books) is located on the Third Floor at 190 High Holborn, outside Toontown and Winterfell classrooms.  

Into The Spiderverse
New books this year include “The Art of Spiderman – Into the Spiderverse”, and “The Art of Frozen“, and “Directing the Story” by Disney director Francis Glebas.
Free – But Please Sign Out
Into The Spiderverse

All the books are free to borrow and read, but you must sign them out with your name, email address and date in the little Orange Library Book (see image on the right). 

Animation Books
There are many useful books in Online Library and the traditional library. We have many physical copies of “The Animator’s Survival Kit”, and also many titles on VFX, development, character and creature animation, independent film finance, acting, and design.  Recent additions include a biography of Walt Disney and also books on animating in Maya.

Animator’s Survival Kit & Prepare to Board

New books for the library

Recently we acquired more new books for the Escape Studios Animation Library – two more copies of two of our most popular books:  The Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams and Prepare to Board by Nancy Beiman, on the Art of Storyboarding. 

We also have online copies of these (and many other) books; just follow the link to the online library and start searching.

Orange Library Book
To sign books out of the physical library, please use the Orange Library Book, where you can sign the books out, leaving the date, your name, the title borrowed and your email address. 
Two Weeks Maximum

For physical books, the maximum loan is two weeks. Please sign the books back in again within two weeks.

Library & Learning Resources
To see more about library and other learning resources at Escape Studios, follow these links:
Online Library
We also have an online library, where books can be accessed digitally.  To login in to the online library at Escape Studios, follow this link.
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. 

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