Free Webinar: Creating Content for Performance Art using Notch

2D vs 3D webinar series: Episode 1 with Dan Shutt

Dan Shutt has a company WeAreMidnight that specialises in creating real-time graphics for different artists and producers including many of the big music festivals such as Glastonbury and Boomtown. For the full experience of such events, the graphics that you see on the big stages there need to be mixed in real-time and react to music.

In this webinar, Dan will give an overview of using the real-time 3D software Notch, which is built for VJs and installation artists. The latest versions of Notch boast PBR materials (materials that look real) and path-tracing (realistic shadows, refractions and reflections) all running on the GPU!!

The webinar is part of our new 2D vs 3D webinar series, where Escape Studios’ VFX tutors show different tips, tools and techniques on topics that they are passionate about.

Register here:

Wednesday 22nd Apr, 5:00-6:00 PM (BST)- online

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