Compositing Careers Evening with Industrial Light & Magic

To help explain the importance of the compositing and finishing departments in a VFX studio, we have invited some artists and recruiters from Industrial Light & Magic to a virtual Careers Evening on 11th November. The free online event will be a discussion between ILM’s artists and our industry-experienced tutors on the career opportunities within the compositing discipline.

Guest speakers include:

  • Davi Stein – Technical Trainer at Industrial Light & Magic (formerly Head of 2D at Escape Studios)
  • Amy Backwell – Emerging Talent Specialist at Industrial Light & Magic
  • Sam Dawes – Paint Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic

Escape Studios speakers include:

  • Klaudija Cermak – Compositing tutor. Her recent credits include Black MirrorBritanniaCaptain America.
  • Allar Kaasik – Senior Compositing Tutor. He headed up the VFX editorial department at Realise Studios and does research work in computer vision, natural and artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces.
  • Sokratis Synitos – Compositing Tutor. His credits include Doctor Who and Avengers: Endgame.

When? Wednesday 11th November, 2020, 5.30pm GMT

More info and (free) registration here:

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