We love it when our students beam with ideas and find passion in one of the aspects of VFX production or post-production.

On Sunday Michael Davies, Animation Tutor, and I, VFX Compositing Tutor, went to the Virtual Production pop-promo shoot one of our students, Keshava Walcott, was directing.

He came up with the concept, storyboarded it, pitched it to the client, Oskar IZI, created backgrounds in Unreal Engine, organised the shoot, booked a studio at Camberwell Studios, hired the equipment, assembled an awesome crew, Dean Stewart, co-director (Escapee taught by Mark Spevick years ago) and Jake Cizic, DOP, and did it!

On top of that, Keshava also created a workflow for the green-screen shoot using Aximmetry render engine and chroma keyer to combine live action over Unreal Engine backgrounds.


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