Creating One’s Own Projects

Whatever path one is taking in VFX there are always opportunities outside work to pursue other creative interests and work on one’s own projects using wider range of skills and gaining extra experience.

I have always done that to keep my creative juices satisfied.

22 years ago I entered a Creative Review competition to write a short script on one’s vision of the future in social terms.

I submitted the script and storyboard based on the UN Human Rights Declaration. It was chosen 😊 and I got to make this short film with a wonderful DOP Matthew Davison, featuring mostly children refugees.

I was actually working on ‘Gladiator’ at the time as a Senior Flame artist at Millfilm, so worked on this short film in the evenings and weekends.

It was screened on Channel 5 and at the ‘Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival’.

P.S. My daughter is in it and says “Everyone has the right to work.” She was 4.

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