NUKE Tutorials at our Vimeo Channel

One of the many ways our students learn at Escape Studios is through our Vimeo channel, providing our students with online learning to supplement our classroom tuition. The Vimeo Channel now has a series of videos on Nuke,  the VFX industry’s leading compositing software.

Our online tutorials are intended to complement our classroom studies, allowing students at Escape Studios to recap, or catch up on work they missed, while following a tutorial in their own time.  Everyone misses a class from time to time, and we don’t want anyone to fall behind.

You can find all our tutorials, which are available for all of our students, by following this link to our Vimeo channel.  They are password-protected, so you’ll need to be a current student or Escapee to access the videos. The Nuke tutorials are all listed at the Vimeo page but, for convenience, here is a list of them below:

Compositing with Nuke

2D Tracking

Creating Toolsets

Premultiplication and Unpremultiplication

Using the Copy and Shuffle Nodes

Rendering with the Write Node

Mattes and Alpha Channels

Nuke – Rotoscoping

Nuke – Grading

Nuke – Merge Node

One of our priorities at Escape Studios is to have a series of video tutorials to cover everything, or almost everything, that we teach in the classroom. It’s a system of blended learning, incorporating the best of traditional classroom study and virtual learning, and it’s all part of what we call The Escape Method, a system of teaching designed to maximise our students’ chances of breaking into the industry and beginning a long-term career in their chosen field.

To see some our recent success stories, follow this link.

The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To apply for our BA/MArt in 3D Animation, follow this link.  To apply for our storyboarding evening class, visit this page here.  For the next 12 week animation course, click here. And to apply for the next evening class in Producing Animation, see this page.

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