MoCap Short “Alma” Wins Best Sci-Fi at Future of Film Fest

Alma wins Best Sci-Fi at Future of Film Festival

Congratulations to the makers of “Alma”, which has won Best Sci-Fi at The Future of Film Fest.

Alma has won many festival awards.  
You can watch Alma at below:
MA in 3D Animation
Alma was completed by students on our MA in 3D Animation, collaborating with VFX students and also some of our undergraduate animation students. 
Xsens MoCap
XSENS MoCap Suit in action
The MoCap performance was recorded at Escape Studios on a Xsens Awinda MoCap suit, supplied by Escape Studios’ tutor and cinematographer Clement Gharini.  “Alma” was completed as part of our MA Animation, in which students must deliver a personal project, which can be done individually or as part of a team.  
“Alma” pulled together 3D and Animation students to deliver a short movie as a team project, using Motion Capture to facilitate the animation.
MoCap Pipeline
Jake Lee – MoCap Performance
Thanks to the MoCap pipeline the team was able to record all the takes for the short movie in just one day.  
Jake Lee, one of our animation Short Course students, wore the MoCap suit and acted out the scenes, while Edoardo Sartori and Karla Rojas, year 3 animation students, helped with managing the software.   
Some scenes in the film are full MoCap, some are a blend between MoCap and keyframe animation, and some are fully key framed animation.
Rendering was carried out in Redshift and most renders were delivered through CGRU (, an open source renderfarm software. 
Other Software
Compositing was completed in Nuke. Modelling was carried out in Maya and Blender, texturing was done in Substance Painter.  Rigging was based on the Advanced Skeleton add-on, with bespoke parts added as needed.

“Alma” Credits
Festival Success
“Best Animation” at Flicks Fest
Alma has won many festival awards: 
Alma at IMDB
Alma Progression Reel
To see the Alma progression reel, watch the two minute video below.

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