“The Crash” Wins Best VFX at Art Film Awards

The Crash wins Best VFX at the Art Film Awards

Many congratulations to the makers of “The Crash”, a short film created by students at Escape Studios, which has won Best VFX at the Art Film Awards.

The Crash is a sci-fi VFX short written and directed by Lewys Rhodes, and produced by Daniel Rowe.  Cinematography was by Benjamin Stevuliak.  The Crash has won many festival awards. 

The Crash – Advert (Short Film) from Lewys Rhodes on Vimeo.

The Crash
The Crash“is a short film created by VFX students at Escape Studios, combining live action and VFX.  The Crash was written and directed by Lewys Rhodes, and produced by Daniel Rowe.  The supervising tutors were Allaar Kaasik (compositing) and Jonathan McCall (3D). 
In The Crash, a gigantic spaceship crashes towards earth – but things are not quite as they appear. 

The Crash – Credits
Festival Awards
The The Crash has won many festival awards:
The Crash Best Short Sci-Fi at Berlin Flash Fest
The Crash at the IMDB
You can find The Crash at the official website, and also find it listed at the IMDB here. You can also find The Crash here at the Rookies.

The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects.  To apply for our BA/MArt, follow this link



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