Escapee Giulio Spatola Compositor at Rise FX

Congratulations to Escapee Giulio Spatola who has started work as a compositor at Rise FX.  Giulo took our MA in Advanced Compositing course at Escape Studios.

During his time as student, Giulio learned the use of software such as Nuke and Silhouette, and mastered 2D compositing skills.
Rise FX is a global VFX house with studios in Berlin, London, Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne.

Prior to his journey into the VFX production, Giulio also worked as freelance videographer – a background that came handy in terms of understanding of depth of field and camera lenses.
Compositors Needed
We are currently experiencing  very high levels of employability among our 2d graduates – the compositing side of the VFX business is booming, with almost 100% of our graduates finding work in industry.
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of  visual effects.



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