“Gnaughty Gnomes” Wins Best VFX at HEI Festival

Congratulations to the makers of Gnaughty Gnomes, which has won Best VFX at the HEI Film Festival.

Gnaughty Gnomes is a short animated film made by animation and vfx students at Escape Studios. Gnaughty Gnomes was directed by Antonia Palmer, produced by Hannah Sheppard and co-produced by Charlotte Gimbird.
Gnaughty Gnomes has won many festival awards.

Gnaughty Gnomes
You can watch Gnaughty Gnomes at Vimeo below:


Gnaughty Gnomes from Hannah Sheppard on Vimeo.

Gnaughty Gnomes

Meet Gnaughty Gnomes, a new short animated film recently completed at Escape Studios. Gnaughty Gnomes was directed by Antonia Palmer, produced by Hannah Sheppard and co-produced by Charlotte Gimbird.  Ever wondered what happened to your car keys, your wallet, or your phone? Watch Gnaughty Gnomes to find out.

Have you ever wondered what happened to your car keys, your wallet, or your phone; the things you thought you lost? Watch Gnaughty Gnomes to find out what really takes place after dark when your back is turned.
Studio Project
Gnaughty Gnomes was created as part of PR6001, a Studio Module in which animation and VFX students join forces to create a VFX project over 12 weeks.
The film was overseen by Escape Studios’ tutors Paul Harrison, Allar Kaasik and Mark Spevick.
“Gnaughty Gnomes” Credits
Gnaughty Gnomes at the IMDB

You can find Gnaughty Gnomes at the IMDB.

Festival Success
Gnaughty Gnomes has won many festival awards:
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of  visual effects.

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