“3D Intermediate” Evening Class Starts 3 October 2022

Our “3D Intermediate” Evening Class starts on 3 October 2022. In this class, which builds on the “VFX Foundation” Evening Class, students dig deeper into the VFX skillset, taking their VFX knowledge to the next level of expertise.

This online course – taught remotely – is intended to follow on from our “3D for VFX Foundation” evening class (or, alternatively, you might already have a solid understanding of the VFX basics). You will learn how to use key software including Maya, Nuke, ZBrush and 3DEqualizer.

On completion of the course students will be able to:

Animate objects inside a Maya scene with efficient key-framing and understanding of animation curves.
Simplify the animation process with constraints, expressions and set driven keys.
Know how cameras work in the real world and in Maya.
Be able to track image sequences, export the solved data and reconstruct the scene in 3D.
Implement advanced techniques in order to improve the result.
Develop a moving VFX shot, including modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing.

This online evening class a is part-time programme of study – allowing you to fit the class around your day job or other commitments. To see more about the course, follow the link to the official site.

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