Meet “Mechamorphosis” by Alberto Scotti and Ilaria Colavito

Meet “Mechamorphosis” – the graduation project of Escape Studios student (and also Studio Assistant) Alberto Scotti, who has been completed his Master’s Degree in the Art of Visual Effects (3D VFX) at Escape Studios, and Ilaria ColavitoMechamorphosis was written and produced by Alberto Scotti and directed by Ilaria Colavito.   Animation was by Steven Lall,  Hélios Lyons did the sound design and original music.  Mechamorphosis is currently being entered into film festivals. 

Mechamorphosis – Credits in Full

  • Alberto Scotti Writer, Producer, Skin and Flesh FX, Groom and Rigging.
  • Ilaria Colavito – Director, Modeling, Texturing, Look Dev and Layout
  • Steven Lall – animation
  • Hélios Lyons – Sound design and music
  • Michael Davies – Special Thanks
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