Motion Capture Tutorials at Our Vimeo Channel

Our Vimeo channel offers our students online learning to supplement our classroom tuition.

We now have a series of videos on
Motion Capture, and how it can be used to benefit our animation students.

Our online tutorials are intended to complement our classroom studies, allowing students at Escape Studios to recap, or catch up on work they missed, while following a tutorial in their own time.
Our tutorials include how to animate with MoCap and how to re-target MoCap data. 

Animating with Motion Capture

Animating with Motion Capture 

Animating with Motion Capture data by Steven Lall
For more on the Motion Capture tutorial by Steven Lall, read this blog post.

Motion Capture Retargeting

MoCap retargeting with Amedeo Beretta
For a larger introduction to MoCap retargeting, read this blog post.

Tips and Tricks for MoCap

Tips and Tricks for MoCap with Amedeo Beretta.

MoCap Resources
To see more about MoCap at Escape Studios, follow the links below:
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects.

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