Escape Studios’ Dan Shutt Helps to Create “Sci-Fi Experience” at the Science Museum

Escape Studios’ VFX tutor and immersive animation expert Dan Shutt has helped to create a new exhibition at the museum titled  Science Fiction at the Science Museum.

In this “immersive genre-defying exhibition” guests embark on a “once in a lifetime adventure through the cosmos to explore visions of the future through the science of today”.  The cosmos in question were created and animated by Dan Shutt – our in-house expert in the field of live animation and immersive motion graphics. The project was led by agency Creative Giants, working alongside VFX house Framestore.


Science Fiction at the Science Museum
London’s Science Museum

Guided by an artificial intelligence of alien origin, guests are placed at the heart of an exciting science fiction adventure.

Climb on board and explore a unique spaceship, scout an unknown planet, and investigate how scientists and science fiction creators have imagined and built new worlds to better understand our own.
The project was led by agency Creative Giants, working alongside VFX house Framestore.
Dan Shutt

Dan Shutt is one of our most experienced VFX tutors, with over 23 years’ experience in a wide variety of 3D fields, from feature film effects and games graphics, to TV commercials and architectural rendering.  Dan has been with Escape Studios since 2009.

Dan teaches our short course and MA in 3D VFX, and is also an expert in Houdini, the leading software for physics-based FX work such as water, fire and smoke.

To meet Dan and find out more about him, you can listen to Dan’s VFX Podcast here.
Meet Dan Shutt
Short Course and MA in 3D VFX
To find out more about our short course and MA in 3D VFX, follow this link.
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. 

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