How to Get IT Support at Escape Studios

How does IT support work at Escape Studios? IT problems are a feature of modern life, endlessly frustrating – but always solvable in the end. We have a great IT team at Escape, led by veteran David Conisbee, known to all as “DC”.  

We also have technical support from Pearson, our parent company. So, depending on what has gone wrong, and what you need, there are a number of ways to get help.

IT at Escape Studios

IT keeps the technical side of Escape Studios on track, making sure that everything works, and all our resources are in place.  Our students depend on dozens of different software licenses to get their work done, as the industry landscape changes and mutates, requiring new licenses for the new tools that help drive the animation and vfx business forwards. You can find the IT Dept on the Second Floor at 190 High Holborn, in the room facing you as you exit the stairwell.

Pearson MyCloud – Access IT Resources at Escape Studios

If it’s an Escape Studios local issue, you can ask for IT support by emailing For Pearson-wide tech issues you can log in to Pearson MyCloud, which has a “chat with technology” button, which can be useful.   Also through MyCloud you can book a “Virtual Tech Hub” session. To find this, click on “myHelp” at the top left corner of the screen. You can also raise a ticket at Pearson MyHelp

Pearson IT Support Line

For Pearson IT support, you can call the Pearson Tech support line on 020 7010 5555.  This can be useful if you need to reset a password, for example. Sometimes they cannot assist you immediately, but will raise a ticket for you so that a specialist can contact you later.

Use It Or Lose It – Log In Regularly to Your Email

Many staff at Escape have multiple email addresses, including an Escape Studios email, a Pearson email, a PCL email, and a MS Teams email.  We all need to log in regularly to all of these, and make sure that all these email addresses remain live.  Dormant accounts get disconnected, and they can be difficult to revive.  Log in regularly and keep your accounts alive.  If your account won’t let you in, call the Pearson Tech support line on 020 7010 5555

Tech Resources

For more on how to fix tech problems, follow the links below:

The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects.

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