How AI is Changing VFX, Games & Animation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the face of the creative industries.

This image of a fantasy potion bottle was created by Simon Fenton, our Dean of Interactive and Real Time, using Midjourney.
The brief was to create a potion bottle that had “an angelic and/or demonic feel to it”.
The whole process, including multiple iterations of the potion bottle, took just a tiny fraction of the time that a traditional concept artist would take using digital tools – let alone old school pens and brushes.

Potion Bottle Project
Potion bottle iterations

According to Simon Fenton, our Dean of Interactive and Real Time:

“This was an exploration of Midjourney and Dall-E to generate iterations based upon some key word prompts.

It’s exciting (and not a little unnerving) being able to produce so many iterations at such a pace.  When it comes to image generation, the fine artist in me loves a happy accident.  I would be interested defining specific datasets for use, and train the AI based upon my

own reference choices.  #ai #gameart #midjourney #conceptart #aiart #gamedevelopment
Law and Copyright 
However, if you want to use something created in Midjourney you would need to be a bit careful as it is potentially a legal minefield in terms of copyright and intellectual property ownership.  As you can see with the prompts below, I did not specify anything in terms a person or style that could be taken from existing artists whose work would be under copyright protection.
Keyword Prompts
Potion Bottle – early iterations

The prompt was something along these lines (see below), I was as much being led by the results as guiding them, you take a result and create a variant, upscale it and then you can add words and redo it as many times as you have credits.

portrait of a whole elegant ornate Potion bottle, faceted crystal, decorative angel carving stoper, gold sculpted detailing of winged demon around the centre in a shield , Bronze carved frame at the bottom that has animal feet , emeralds, poison gas twisted horned ornate obsidian handles, 3d render, cinematic, photoreal, hyper realism, volumetric lighting, smoky background, high quality, extreme detail , wide angle”.
Potion Bottle at Artstation
Runway AI Official Site
Runway AI

The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. 

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