Meet the Houdini Team at Escape Studios

Meet the Houdini Team at Escape Studios – Head of Industry Training Mark Spevick and veteran VFX artist Simon Browne  teach Houdini to our VFX students at Escape Studios.

SideFX Houdini is an increasingly useful digital tool that allows users to create FX work such as smoke, fire and water with much less difficulty than with traditional software packages.


Simon Browne

Simon Browne Teaches Houdini
Simon Browne is a 3D Generalist with a specific interest and specialism in procedural animation.  Simon will be teaching Houdini to our 2nd year VFX students, starting in early January 2023
Simon Browne has worked in TV, advertising and corporate media. He specialises in simulation-based animation,  but he is also an experienced 3D animator with over 20 years of experience.
Simon has experience with Matchmove, Coding, and is skilled in Maya, Houdini, 3DSMax, Redshift, After Effects and Unity.
Mark Spevick

Mark Spevick is one of our most experienced VFX tutors at Escape Studios, and teaches our 20 Week Evening Class in Houdini, which starts in May.

Mark is our Head of Industry Training at Escape Studios, and combines teaching with working in industry, most recently at Framestore, one of the UK’s leading VFX houses.
Mark Spevick has many years of experience working both in industry and in higher education and teaching.  Mark Spevick started his career at Peerless Camera, the production house co-owned by Terry Gilliam, working on  ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and ‘The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus’.
Houdini at Escape Studios

Escape Studios Vimeo Tutorial Channel supports our students with online resources for their studies, including an extensive playlist in Houdini.

The Vimeo Tutorial Channel is a hub for our animation and VFX video tutorials, making it easy for our students to find tutorials to support their classroom studies.

FX Tutorials in Houdini

Houdini in Industry

Houdini in Industry – Intro to Houdini and Conversation between Mark Spevick and Escapee Alex Budulan, Houdini Artist at DNEG.

FX Animation with Houdini

To see Mark Spevick’s free Houdini tutorials hosted at the SideFX official site, follow this link.
There are currently five Houdini Tutorials at the official SideFX site:

  • Brick Wall Destruction – Beginner
  • Fire and Flames – Beginner
  • Crashing Wave – Intermediate
  • Destruction VFX in SOPS – Intermediate
  • Modelling a Procedural House – Intermediate
Houdini Brick Smash (Parts 1-3)
Smash up a brick wall in Houdini in three short tutorials with Mark Spevick. Learn to create a “Hollywood Style Destruction Effect”
Brick Wall Destruction

Brick Wall Destruction in Houdini with Mark Spevick.

Learn how to smash up a brick wall in Houdini.
Create Fire and Smoke in Houdini

Create Fire and Smoke in Houdini with Mark Spevick.  Houdini “Pyro FX – Fire & Flames” – Part 1

Procedural Modeling in Houdini

Procedural Modelling in Houdini with Mark Spevick. Build complex sets rapidly using Houdini (55 mins).

Houdini Groom Tools

Introduction to Houdini Groom Tools with Mark Spevick (55 mins)

What’s New in Houdini 18.5

What’s new in Houdini 18.5 – including the Pyro Tool.  With Mark Spevick. 1 Hour.

Advanced VFX Simulations in Houdini

Advanced VFX Simulations in Houdini with Mark Spevick.

Animate a “Splash Down” in Houdini

Learn to animate a ship crashing into water.and create realistic water effects in Houdini.

Procedurally Shatter a Mesh in Houdini

Learn to procedurally Shatter a mesh in Houdini, to create a “Game of Thrones” effect.

Vimeo Tutorials
To find more tutorials on animation and VFX, see the main Escape Studios Vimeo Tutorial Channel
VFX Team at Escape Studios
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects.

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