Escape Studios Visit to Blue Bolt VFX

Escape Studios’ students were delighted to visit VFX house Blue Bolt this past week. 

Blue Bolt are a cutting-edge VFX house based in London, Victoria.  The studio visit was led by Escape Studios’ Talent Development Manager Will Hughes, who met Blue Bolt VFX Supervisor Richard Frazer, as well of Head of 3D Nicholas Birmingham. They were joined by 3D artists Amandeep Kukreja (a fellow Escapee) and Alex Charilaou.

Demo Reel Feedback

Our students were given feedback on their demo reels, as well as top tips on how to make the “perfect reel” and navigate the crucial first steps into the animation and VFX industry.  Many thanks to the team at Blue Bolt for their generous welcome.

The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of and visual effects.

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