Free Webinar: Morphing

2D vs 3D webinar series: Episode 7 with Allar Kaasik

On Wednesday 3rd June at 5pm-6pm (BST) Allar Kaasik will be explaining the core VFX technique of “morphing” – how it works and how it is actually used in practice.

The first thing that one thinks about when “morphing” is mentioned is 90’s music videos such as Michael Jackson’s “Black and White”. (Every second of that music video is epic on every scale, but if you just want to see the morphing bit, then skip to 5’27”).

An even earlier version of “morphing” was used in Willow (1988), where we see an emu morph into a tortoise, then into a tiger and then into a person, showing that this technique is not only limited to faces.

In our webinar we will see the classic example of face morphing (we’ll turn a doll’s head to a real girl) and then we’ll see how this technique is actually used 90% of the time to achieve “invisible effects” of clean-up and rig-removal that no-one in the audience should notice or know about.

The webinar is part of our new 2D vs 3D webinar series, where Escape Studios’ VFX tutors show different tips, tools and techniques on topics that they are passionate about.

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