FREE WEBINAR: Creating Gizmos in Nuke

2D vs 3D webinar series: Episode 12 with Allar Kaasik

On Wednesday 15th July at 5pm-6pm (BST) Allar Kaasik will show you how to create gizmos in Nuke and how to install them. He will also demonstrate the difference between ToolSets and gizmos and when would you use either one.

Nuke has a large set of nodes that apply specific effects and the art of compositing involves choosing the right ones and combining them to get the job done. When artists have to do a similar task multiple times and end up selecting the same nodes and connecting them the same way over and over again, it would make sense to be able to save them for future use.

In our webinar we will see the difference between ToolSets and gizmos. Allar will show you how to make your own gizmos and some software design considerations that could help the artists who will be using your gizmos have a better experience. The best thing is that you don’t even need to invent your own tools if someone has created them and uploaded to Nukepedia already, since Allar will show you how to install them, and how to look inside of them to see how they work. Allar will also show a selection of his favourite gizmos that he’s found over the years.

The webinar is part of our new 2D vs 3D webinar series, where Escape Studios’ VFX tutors show different tips, tools and techniques on topics that they are passionate about.

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