Webinar: Digital Painting And Spatial Frequencies, MONDAY 15TH MARCH

In December I wrote a quick tutorial on digital painting a and spatial frequencies’ techniques for the Before&Afters magazine: https://beforesandafters.com/2020/12/07/a-quick-tutorial-on-digital-painting-and-spatial-frequencies/

This coming Monday, 15th March at 5pm, I’ll be demonstrating those techniques with a additional tips in a free webinar hosted by Escape Studios. For example, I only briefly mentioned bilateral filtering in the article, but you will see in this webinar why edge-aware softening can reduce the amount of time that you need spend rotoscoping clean-up your patches.

Register here:

Webinar: Digital Painting and Spatial Frequencies, Monday, 15th March, 5pm-6pm

We have a whole set of different VFX Events coming up in March and April, so check out our website:


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