Free Compositing Taster Wed 29 June

We’re hosting a free taster in 2D Compositing this coming Wednesday 29 June 2022. Come along and find out what’s involved in our compositing courses at Escape Studios.

Compositing is the process of combining visual elements from separate sources into a single image, to create the illusion that all the elements form part of a seamless whole.  
Any film that combines live action with visual effects needs digital compositors, and as a result skilled compositors are almost always in high demand.
Where and when: June 29th 2022 at 5pm online
In this hour-long 2D taster, you will get to have a look at a production shot created for the Great Ormond Street Hospital – Superhope Project. The shot demonstrates some of the core concepts of compositing and VFX, which include clean-up techniques to remove things that were not meant to be in the shot, and integration techniques to add new CG elements and blend them to the scene.  This taster is aimed to introduce the topics to beginners, but it includes a few tips that will be helpful for people with more experience in the field.
Compositing at Escape Studios
To see more about compositing at Escape Studios, follow the links below:
The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To apply for our BA/MArt in Visual Effects, follow this link.

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