“Introduction to the Light” Wins Excellence Award at The Rookies

Introduction to the LightExcellence Award at The Rookies

Congratulations to Mattia Binda, director of “Introduction to the Lightwho has won an Excellence Award at The Rookies.

Written and directed by Escapee Mattia Binda, with cinematography by Samuele BogniIntroduction to the Light is a visual poem and experimental animation.  Introduction to the Lighthas won a number of festival awards. 
“Introduction to the Light”
You can watch Introduction to the Lightat Vimeo below:
Mattia Binda took our MA in VFX Production at Escape Studios, learning the art and craft of visual effects film-making. 

Mattia Binda
Introduction to the Light is a short film written and directed by Mattia Binda as part of his final module at Escape Studios. The film was partly inspired by Miracle Musical’s Introduction to the Snow, and by UVIVF photography.  Everything CG was created by Mattia. Backplates were shot with the help of Samuele Bogni.
Introduction to the Light  represents a departure from much of the work done recently at Escape Studios, exploring a non-narrative style of animation.
You can see Introduction to the Light and Mattia’s personal portfolio of work at The Rookies here

Introduction to the Light
  • Autodesk Maya – to model and UV most of the objects. Everything was rendered in Arnold.
  • SideFX Houdini – to create the flowers, water simulations, particle simulations, rigid body simulations, Ema plaques strings, and the Shimenawa (large rope on the temple).
  • Substance Painter – to create all textures (except for the Shimenawa, which uses a procedural shader)
  • 3De4 – for tracking
  • Nuke by Foundry – colour correction and compositing
  • Adobe Premiere – for editing and sound
  • After Effects – fixes via Dynamic Link
MA VFX Production
Mattia took our MA in VFX Production at Escape Studios, learning the art and craft of visual effects film-making. To find out more, follow this link
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of  visual effects. To apply for our BA/MArt starting in September 2022, follow this link



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