“Slushy” Wins “Best VFX” at AFA

“Slushy” wins Best VFX at the AFA

Congratulations to the creators of “Slushy”, which has won Best VFX at the Art Film Awards.

Directed by Callum Wylie and produced by Jess Hiles“Slushy” is a short animated film about two frozen soft drinks who get separated and have to find a way back to their fridge-freezer home.
Slushy was created as part of a Studio Project in which animation and vfx students join forces to create a short film.  Slushy has won many festival awards.
“Slushy” is a short animated film created by a team of animators and VFX artists at Escape Studios over three months, part of the third year animation Module PR6001, a Studio Project worth 60 Credits.  
In this module our animation students and VFX students combine forces to produce a short visual effects film, learning how to produce animation within the VFX pipeline. You can see the film below.

“Slushy” was completed as part of the third year animation Module PR6001, a Studio Project worth 60 Credits, overseen by UG Program Leader Michael Davies.

Location Shoot
“Slushy” was filmed on location in West Horndon, Essex, courtesy of the family of third year Escape Studios games student George Morris, who kindly let us film for a day.  
VFX Pipeline
The 3D Pipeline was overseen by 3D Lead Jamie Stokes, with a close collaboration between the animation and 2D departments to ensure the smooth sharing of scenes and assets. 
Jamie created the character fluid FX, character shaders, lighting and rendering, along with asset creation, and the matchmove for all the shots.
“Slushy” Official Site
Director Callum Wylie
“Slushy” was directed and edited by Callum Wylie, who last year produced the multiple-award-winning teaser/trailer “Death From Above”. Callum also worked as an animator on two other award-winning student films: “Street Ratz” and “Quarantine Chorus”
Producer Jess Hiles
“Slushy” was produced by Jess Hiles, who last year produced the award-winning short film “Hat Shop”, and also worked as an animator on two other award-winning student films: “Street Ratz” and “Hotel Aloha”
“Slushy” Credits
  • Callum Wylie – Director, Editor, Storyboard artist, Animator
  • Jess Hiles – Producer, Animator, Colourist
  • Clement Gharini – Director of Photography
  • Maria Cortes-Monroy – Original Music 
  • Max Fitzgerald – Camera Operator
  • Filipe Correia – Editor 
  • Konrad Peczkowicz – Lead Animator, Sound Effects 
  • Edoardo Sartori – Animator 
  • Morgan Mda – Animator
  • Charlotte Valder – Storyboard Artist, Compositing
  • Jamie Stokes – 3D Lead, Matchmove, FX, Lighting, Render TD
  • Joe Henton – 3D Modeling
  • Omar Hamza – 3D Modeling, Textures
  • Filipe Correia – 2D Lead, Matchmove
  • Joe Henton – Textures
  • Giovani Battista Izzo – Compositing
Festival Success
Slushy won a 5 Stars Award at the BIAFF
Slushy has won many festival awards: 
“Slushy” at IMDB
To see “Slushy” at the IMDB, follow this link.
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. To find out more about our BA/MArt, now recruiting for September 2022, follow this link.  

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