Benjamin Stevuliak Environment Artist at MPC

Benjamín Števuliak

Many congratulations to Escapee Benjamín Števuliak who is working as an environment artist at MPC.  Benjamín has been lucky enough to work on the long-awaited VFX production Prehistoric Planetwhich premiered on Apple TV in May. 


MPC is one of the UK’s longest-established VFX and animation houses; responsible for blockbuster hits such as The Lion King and The Jungle Book.

While at Escape Studios, Benjamín studied the Art of Visual Effects, and worked on a number of award-winning film projects, including “Kiwi’s Dream” and “The Crash“, both of which have won multiple festival awards. 

Prehistoric Planet is a British-American five-part nature documentary streaming television series about dinosaurs that premiered on Apple TV+ beginning May 23, 2022.  

Escapees at MPC
Benjamín joins the many Escapees who have joined MPC:

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