Free Previs and Story Taster 8 August at 5pm

Join us on Monday 8th August at 5pm at Escape Studios for a free taster in Previsualisation & Storyboarding.  Come and see what it is like learning the art and craft of visual storytelling at Escape Studios.

This free online taster offers a hands-on introduction to professional previs and story techniques, techniques which are currently in demand as the animation industry continues to expand.

In this online taster, taught by Escape Studios’ tutor Iliana Franklin, you will learn to create a simple storyboard, and edit the images into a digital animatic with music and sound design.

“Brodiaga” by Anastasia Gurova


Previsualisation is a growing area of importance in the field of visual effects, with many Escapees going on to careers in previs at studios such as The Third Floor.

Storyboarding also remains an area of skills shortage in the UK, as the industry continues to expand. Many studios, such as Disney, have their development and pre-production units here in London, but outsource the actual animation overseas. Storyboard artists work closely with the director to tell the story in a fun imaginative way, taking the script and finding ways to bring the words to life.

You will need to have a version of Maya and Photoshop installed on your machine if you would like to follow along live with this taster. Assets will be sent out to all guests in advance*

About Iliana Franklin


Iliana Franklin is a storyboard artist and an animator who has worked in the animation industry for over 30 years.  Iliana’s feature credits include The Tale of Desperaux,  A Monkey’s Tale (1999) and The Princess and the Pea (2002).

She has also worked on various TV shows including Mecky and friends (1994), Hungarian Folk Tales (1992-1996),  Spirou (1993–1995), and Carland Cross (1996).

Where and When

Iliana Franklin teaching at Escape Studios

Monday 8 August 2022 at 5pm

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