Why VFX Graduates Need The Rookies

We’re encouraging all our students at Escape Studios to create their own page at The Rookies, now one of the leading platforms for connecting students to the creative industries.

Creating an individual page at The Rookies helps our students to showcase their work to the wider VFX community, with a view to maximising their future prospects and employability.
Being visible to industry, easy to find, and easy to hire, is one of the core professional skills learned by our VFX students at Escape Studios.

How to Create an Entry at The Rookies
To see how to create an entry at The Rookies, watch the short video below:
Top 10 for VFX Production Excellence
Escape Studios has been ranked by The Rookies in the top ten for VFX and Animation Production for the last four years.
Escape Studios No 2 in the UK for Animation & VFX Production


In 2022 The Rookies ranked Escape Studios No 2 in the UK – and No 10 globally – for VFX & Animation Production Excellence.


Production Excellence is an accolade awarded to the best schools that focus on working in teams.
Teamwork is something we take seriously at Escape Studios, one of the five pillars of what we call “The Escape Method”.
The animation industry is a collaborative one. Well-organised teamwork helps prepare our students for the realities of life in industry.
Escape Studios has been ranked by The Rookies in the top ten for VFX and Animation Production for the last four years, since 2019.
2022 Best VFX & Animation Schools – Production Excellence 

The 2022 Best Visual Effects and Animation Schools – Production Excellence Schools and Colleges in the World rankings is updated every year by The Rookies’ judges.

Replicating Production Experience

According to The Rookies: “schools that replicate a production studio experience provide a great advantage to students because it encourages team work, a strong understanding of pipelines, scheduling experience, resource management and problem solving.”
Studio Projects
VFX & Anim Production Excellence 2020

This is why we have such a strong focus on group work at Escape Studios.  All our courses at Escape Studios are designed with industry feedback, and industry continually stresses the importance of teamwork. Are students able to work successfully in teams? Individual talent is important, but a successful production requires a collaborative effort.


2020 Rankings
In 2020 we also ranked in the top five internationally.
2019 “Rookies” Rankings

2019 Rankings

In 2019 we also ranked in the top five. The Rookies ranked Escape Studios at No. 4 globally for VFX and Animation Production Excellence.

This followed the success of films like Jerich0, which was “Highly Commended” in the VFX Film category.

Our Games, VFX and Animation students have made a stellar showing in the Rookies contest in recent years, with multiple projects winning awards.

Group Projects at Escape Studios

First in Game Design

Escape Studios also ranked first in UK for Game Design and Development

Top 50 Creative Media Schools
We also ranked Second in the UK and 38th globally in Top 50 Creative Media & Entertainment Schools and Colleges


The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. 

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