L7 MArt Now Enrolling for Sept 2023

Our Level Integrated Masters Degree (“MArt”) is ready for launch in September 2023.  Most of our undergraduate students will graduate after three years with a BA, but others will study with us for one more year, at the end of which they will graduate “Master of Arts” in chosen their subject.  This is known as an “integrated masters” degree, because the masters’ year builds on the first three years of undergraduate study.

Integrated MArt

Multiple-award-winning “Our Ocean

In their fourth year of study, masters’ students will collaborate to create their own ideas and projects, working together in teams to create original content, with the added element of business entrepreneurship as our students pitch projects to commercial studios.

What is a BA/MArt?
A BA/MArt is an integrated Masters degree. That means that students can stay with us for three years and earn a Batchelor of Arts (BA). Plus, students can stay on for an extra year, and graduate with a Master of Arts (MArt).  We recommend that applicants apply up front for the full four years, because it’s considerably easier (and cheaper) to secure funding for the final year if you apply in advance.

Group Project Work
At Masters’ level, students will form small groups to develop their own ideas and projects, building on the skills they learned as undergraduates.  VFX, Animation, and Game artists collaborate across disciplines to develop new projects and ideas.

At Masters’ level students apply the skills they have learned over the last three years to complete their own projects.  Students will be expected to create schedules and meet their own deadlines, under the supervision of our tutors.

What sort projects will students create?
Individual students will have the opportunity to develop their own ideas and creativity. To see an example of original collaborative work created by our fourth year animation and VFX students, watch the award-winning Our Ocean below:

Our Ocean
Also check out “Novem” created by our Level 7 MArt students working together to create a playable game:

External Project Briefs


Students are also encouraged to explore external briefs for external clients. These could be commercial clients, paying for services, or it could be a charity or independent project.

Escape Studios is regularly contacted by independent film-makers looking for assistance with their projects, such as the live-action feature film Borderland“, on which our compositors tackled around a dozen shots.

Module details
Year 4 – Level 7
There are four “long, skinny” Modules which run continuously through the year, building up to an end-of-year assessment in the summer. 

1. CR7001 Art & Design – 30 credits
The Art and Design Module is all about the Art and Design of student projects. Students will be assessed on design, visual development, creativity, development and pre-production.

2. CR7002 Craft – 30 credits

Bob Thompson: Animation Producer

The Craft Module is all about the craft of creating great animation. Students will be assessed on the quality of their final output, including the quality of the 3D assets, animation, lighting and final render.

3. CR7003 Process – 30 credits
The Process Module is all about the process of creating animation, games and VFX. This module deals with scheduling and production.

4. CR7004 Business – 30 credits
The Business Module is all about the business of animation. Students will have to deal with budgets, money, cash flow, and all the necessary elements of bidding for work and completing projects on time and under budget.  Escape Studios tutors such as Bob Thompson will introduce students to the business of the creative industries.

Further Information
To see what’s in the first year at Escape Studios, read this post. To find out about the second year, click here. And to find out about the third year at Escape Studios, follow this link.

The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. 

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