Escapee Jordan Coles Rigging Masterclass at VFX Festival Feb 22

Escape Studios is delighted to welcome back Escapee Jordan Coles to teach a master class in rigging at the Escape Studios VFX Festival on February 22.

Jordan will be teaching our guests the art of rigging on Wednesday February 22, giving an introduction to rigging, one of the key processes involved in bringing characters and creatures to life. 
Jordan Coles has been working as a rigger at MPC in London.  MPC is one of the UK’s leading animation and VFX houses, responsible for hits such as the 2019 remake of The Lion King and The Jungle Book.

Rigging is the art of creating a skeletal structure for a 3D model, permitting the model to be animated like a 3D puppet. Rigging is vital for our 3rd year animation and VFX students as they embark on the VFX Project, where students join forces to create a VFX short film, many of which have gone on to win awards at international festivals. 
Jordan Coles
Jordan Coles directed “Death From Above”

While at Escape Studios, Jordan developed his skills as an animator, director, and rigger.  In his second year of studies, he directed the award-winning short film “Death From Above“, and also built custom rigs for the award-winning short film “Hat Shop“. 

Awards and Nominations
In his third and final year at Escape Studios, Jordan co-wrote and co-directed the award-winning film BoxBots, and co-wrote the short film “SideQuest“.  To date Jordan has won five festival awards, and received three award nominations
Death From Above
Death From Above, has won multiple festival awards, including “Best Trailer” at the Sensus Film Festival.  The short was directed by Jordan Coles, and produced by Callum Wylie; Cinematography was by Daniel Brand-Sinyinza.  “Death From Above” is a teaser/trailer for an action adventure web series.
Escapees at MPC

Jordan joined many Escapees who have started their careers at MPC in recent years, including


The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. 

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