Sound Design Resources in UG Shares

We’ve added a huge number of new sound effects to our existing Sound Design Resources in the UG Shares drive. UG Shares contains resources for all our undergraduate students, such as rigs, sets and props, and also filmmaking resources such as sound effects.

Good sound design is a vital part of the film-making process.  50% of the experience of enjoying a film is audio, and yet when teaching film-making we tend to focus most of our attention on what we see with our eyes, sometimes neglecting the importance of sound.  Our students might not always realise it – but we definitely need good sound design.
UG Shares
To find our sound design resources, start on the shares drive, and navigate to UG Shares/Animation/Assets/Sound Design


Sound Design 

Our VFX students are currently working on their Studio Projects – working together to collaborate on a short film in which students bring their individual skills to create a studio-quality product.


Sound Design Resources at Escape Studios
To learn more about the principles of sound design, follow these links:


Jakob Parsons teaching at Escape Studios

The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects.

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