Meet the 3rd year VFX and Animation Tutors at Escape Studios

Who teaches the third year undergraduate VFX and animation students at Escape Studios?  The final year of undergraduate study is in many ways the most important; it’s where our students polish their demo reels, work on their CV or resume, and generally organise their affairs to become “studio ready talent”.  Sagar RathodPaul HarrisonClement Gharini and Steve Lall are the core team that oversee the third year at Escape Studios.

Third Year at Escape Studios
Our third year tutors focus on making sure our graduating animation and VFX students are ready for the world of work, including working together on team projects – which closely resemble the real-world experience of working in an animation or vfx studio. To see more about the how the third year works at Escape Studios, follow this link.
Sagar Rathod – 3D VFX
Sagar Rathod

Sagar Rathod is one of our newest VFX tutors at Escape Studios. Sagar is a veteran 3D digital artist with almost 20 years’ experience in the visual effects industry.

Sagar’s many film credits include Fantastic Beasts, Kingsman, Alien: Covenant, and Guardians of the Galaxy.
Sagar taught the 3rd year VFX and animation students as they join forces on the VFX Project, which ran from September 2022 until the end of December. Our third year VFX students are currently working on another team project, as well as their Specialism Module, and their Professional Practice Module.


Paul Harrison – Animation
Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison teaches our third year animation and vfx students; he is an experienced animator, 3D generalist, and also a comic book artist and writer, and content creator for children’s media. Paul is the creator of the Urban Squirrel series of comics.

Paul has taught at London South Bank University where he taught the art of games to first and second year students, using Maya, Photoshop, After Effects and Unity, as well as supervising 3rd year creative game projects.
Paul has also worked as a pipeline trainer at DNEG, and also worked for Escape Studios back in our Shepherd’s Bush days, teaching animation and visual effects on our short courses.
Steven Lall – Animation
Steve Lall at Escape Studios

Escapee Steve Lall is one of our newest animation tutor at Escape Studios.  Steve has a decade of experience of working in advertising and animation, both 2D and 3D.  Steve has a BA in Animation from the University of Creative Arts, and a Diploma in Art and Design from Oxford Brookes University

Steve has been helping to manage the VFX Project, which ran from September 2022 until the end of December 2022, and is now helping students with their Specialism Module, and also their Professional Practice Module.
Steve’s broad animation skillset also includes graphic design, film editing, lighting & rendering, and also managing the motion capture pipeline.
Clem Gharini – Cinematography and 2D VFX
Clement Gharini

Clement Gharini teaches Cinematography and Compositing on our Visual Effects courses, and also teaches our first year and third year undergraduate students.

Clement teaches CR4001 Craft Foundations – Cinematography in which our undergraduate students first get to grips with live action cameras, offering a foundation for the study of cinematography.
Clement Gharini started his film career 20 years ago as a cameraman on Hollywood films such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.
Tutors at Escape Studios
To meet some of the other animation and VFX tutors at Escape Studios, follow the links below:
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Motion Graphics
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The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. 

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