VFX Careers Evening with Framestore

This event will highlight careers in VFX, focusing on career opportunities, industry advice, how the pandemic is affecting the industry, plus much more! Join this free online event for a discussion between Framestore’s experts in recruitment and our industry-experienced tutors on the career opportunities within the VFX discipline.

Guest speakers include:

  • Amy Smith – Head of Talent at Framestore
  • Andrew Schlussel – Director of Global Talent Development at Framestore
  • Klaudija Cermak – Compositing Tutor. Her recent credits include Black Mirror, Britannia and Captain America.
  • Mark Spevick – Head of 3D. He has worked on films such as Zorro and even supervised on the set of Casino Royale.
  • Allar Kaasik – Senior Compositing Tutor. He headed up the VFX editorial department at Realise Studios and does research work in computer vision, natural and artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces.

Register here:

VFX Careers Evening with Framestore, Tuesday, 30th March, 5.30pm

We have a whole set of different VFX Events coming up in March and April, so check out our website:


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