Gotham Skyline – Now in LED

The new Batman (aka The Batman) is now in cinemas and you have the chance to marvel at the grim, neo-noir cinematography of Gotham.

For those that have already seen it, the shot of batman against the city’s skyline must have stood out. It’s also a prominent part of the movie trailer in case you missed it.

In an action packed movie , a moment of calm-before-the-storm is signified by this magic (or golden) hour of Gotham. This is the term cinematographers use for the time of the day that gives this beautiful warm and soft light you see reflected on Batman’s cape.
The film is pretty claustrophobic otherwise and this is probably the first time the audience can see a shot with this depth.
To achieve both those aspects , Matt Reeves, the director, along with VFX supervisor Dan Lemmon decided to use ILM’s Stagecraft Virtual Production technology. The art department stitched together plates shot in London, New York, and Chicago and Epic’s Unreal brought to life the final result.

Greig Fraser, the cinematographer, praised the realism that it brought to the lighting of the sets and the characters. He also mentioned the appeal of shooting and have all the natural qualities of the lens for in-camera finals, including out-of-focus and fall-off.

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