Meet Your Tutors – Sokratis Synitos

Sokratis Synitos has many years of experience in compositing for both film and TV, and teaches the Art of Compositing to our Short Course and MA students.  Sokratis has worked on many film and TV projects at studios such as DNEG, Cinesite and Warner Bros. 

Sokratis has degrees in computer engineering and also in film studies. He is also a graduate of the 12 weeks compositing VFX program of Escape Studios.

Sokratis’s film credits include SpectreAvengers: Endgame and Kingsman as well as episodes of Black Mirror, Altered Carbon and Dr. Who.  You can find Sokratis here at the IMDB.  

Sokratis Synitos
Sokratis Synitos is an experienced compositor who also has skills in film editing, story telling, Python, Houdini and 3D modeling, bringing a wealth of experience and talent to the classrooms at Escape Studios. 
MA Compositing Starts February 2023
Sokratis teaches the Art of Compositing to our Short Course and MA students. Compositing is at the heart of what we do at Escape Studios; it is one of the areas of employment in the VFX that has consistently been most in demand over the past two decades.  Animators may come and go – but compositors are always needed on production.  The next Short Course in Compositing starts in February 2023. 
VFX Showreel
To see what our students are capable of, check out the latest VFX Showreel below:
The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects. To find out more about our BA/MArt, now recruiting for September 2022, follow this link.   To apply, visit the official page here

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