How Peer Observation Works at Escape Studios

“Peer Observation” at Escape Studios is part of the process of making sure that we are delivering the best possible classes to our students.

“Peer Obs” is about staff development, sharing of best practice, enhancing teaching quality and generally keeping us all on our toes.

Each tutor at Escape Studios should make sure that in any given academic year they observe at least one colleague teaching, and also make sure that they themselves are observed at least once.

Peer Observation

Michael Davies teaching at Escape Studios

Peer observation is an annual requirement for all our tutors.  Its purpose is to:

  • Offer tutors the opportunity to reflect on their teaching practice
  • Provide tutors with constructive feedback from their peers
  • Identify areas of good practice
  • Identify areas that can be improved
  • Monitor and improve the standard of teaching.

How Peer Obs Works

Tutors should first fill out the online form, starting which tutor they are intending to observe, and when.  Once in the classroom, the observer should complete the Peer Observation Form.  The observed tutor will then add his/her own comments to the form and both tutor and observer sign and date the form, then send the form to Registry and the appropriate Programme Leader. There is also a Google Drive folder to which tutors should upload the completed form.
Who Organises Peer Observation?
Peer Observation is the responsibility of individual tutors to organise for themselves. Don’t wait to be told! If you are waiting to be told, you are doing it wrong.
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