Free Webinar: Nuke 12 | GridWarp Tracker

2D vs 3D webinar series: Episode 3 with Allar Kaasik

Allar Kaasik will be demonstrating the GridWarpTracker tool that was released with Nuke 12 and giving viewers some useful tips that would help both junior and senior compositors.

The GridWarpTracker node extends Nuke’s SmartVector toolset that lets artists track bending surfaces with additional artistic control and keyframing ability. In this webinar, you’ll see the basic workflow of tracking and animating a warp and the more advanced setups for stabilisation and adjusting 3D projections.

The webinar is part of our new 2D vs 3D webinar series, where Escape Studios’ VFX tutors show different tips, tools and techniques on topics that they are passionate about.

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