Free Webinar: 3D VFX Tips for Environment / DMP / Concept Artist

2D vs 3D webinar series: Episode 4 with Cenay Oekmen

VFX/DMP/Concept Art Tutor, Cenay Oekmen will show how to use the Mash Tools inside Maya to populate a terrain using “Paintbrush Grass” and Speedtree assets. You will also learn how to render the scene with Arnold in Maya.

Register here:

Wednesday 13th May, 5:00-5:30 PM (BST)- online

Mainframe’s MASH Reel, Jun 27, 2016

MASH Tools are a set of nodes and networks in Maya that allow 3D artists to work procedurally and create easy replication, instancing, controlled randomness and animation. Originally created by the VFX/Motion-graphics company Mainframe they now ship with Maya.

The webinar is part of our new 2D vs 3D webinar series, where Escape Studios’ VFX tutors show different tips, tools and techniques on topics that they are passionate about.

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