VFX Escapee Denise Esposito Joins DNEG

Denise Esposito

Congratulations to Escapee Denise Esposito who has started working as a compositor at DNEG, successfully starting her career in the VFX industry.

While at Escape Studios, Denise studied the Art of Visual Effects, specialising in compositing in Nuke.  
Denise also contributed to the short VFX project “Gnaughty Gnomes“, which has won multiple festival awards, and for which Denise shared an award for “Best Visual Effects” at the Eastern Europe Film Festival. 
Escapees at DNEG
Denise joins  DNEG as a Compositing Trainee at DNEG – part of their Greenlight Program. Denise joins the many Escapees who have joined DNEG, for example:

The Escape Studios VFX Blog offers a personal view on the art of visual effects.


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